Wonder Women - Our 7 Favorite Female Directors

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They’re still fighting against prejudice and obstacles: female directors working in the international movie business. This despite the lasting success and impact of many unforgettable movies made by women. Many of these productions were also massive box office hits - for example the Oscar-winning drama "The Piano” by New Zealand’s Jane Campion.

The movie magazine KINO devotes a special edition to the wonder women of cinema. 7. WONDER WOMAN - Director: Patty Jenkins (2017) 6. SUFFRAGETTES - Director: Sarah Gavron (2016) 5. MUSTANG - Director: Deniz Gamze Ergüven (2016) 4. KICK IT LIKE BECKHAM - Director: Gurinder Chadha (2002) 3. HANNAH ARENDT - Director: Margarethe von Trotta (2013) 2. RAFIKI - Director: Wanuri Kahiu (2018) 1. DAS PIANO - Director: Jane Campion (1993)