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Tsarin aiki

Meet Germany's First Robot Lecturer

Jürgen Handke is known as a pioneer of digital teaching methods. The German professor has an unusual assistant: a humanoid robot named Yuki.

More than Football

Football is often about the right mix between young and old. Serge Gnabry is one of Bayern’s young stars. Is he Bayern’s future star? Kres Harrington met up with the 23 year old. Meanwhile, Lucien Favre has clearly found the perfect combination in Dortmund. They’re having one of the best-ever Bundesliga seasons. Kick off! covers the right mix.

Dust Storm

Up to five billion tons of dust and sand blow around the earth each year: Dust Storm looks at the growing menace created by this increasingly common phenomenon, which threatens both the environment and human health. Governments are working feverishly on early warning systems and measures to protect their citizens.

The Week in Reports

A young woman, who was just 16 during the Maidan, describes the events five years ago, and reflects on the changes in Ukraine since then.+++ In India, a nun has been speaking out about systemic sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

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