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The Week in Reports

The photo of the "Napalm Girl" is a symbol of the Vietnam War. Now Kim Phuc has been honoured with the Dresden Peace Prize. +++ The MeToo movement has finally reached China. Women make their experiences with sexual harassment public. Despite censorship.

Lifestyle Europe

Sex sells. A journey through advertising of the past 80 years at the exhibition "Women on View”. Bauhaus-inspired fashion. And a night in the oldest ice hotel in the world.

Living in the Digital Age

Houses, bridges and prosthetics: 3D printers can produce spectacular things - plus they‘re fast, cheap and save resources. But 3D printers can also be used to manufacture firearms at home. 3D printing - an opportunity or a threat?

The Motor Magazine

Ein Klassiker von heute, ein Klassiker von gestern und vielleicht ein Klassiker von morgen? Mit dem Porsche 911, dem Goliath F400 und dem Audi e-tron geht Motor mobil auf Zeitreise.

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