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Markus the 35-Year-Old Child - Life with Autism

Markus is autistic. He’ll probably never grow up, nor does he want to. "Most people don’t understand that, even my parents think it’s bad," says Markus. He spends a lot of his time playing with toys, while also dealing with the struggle for his father’s acceptance, and the question of what he can contribute to society. The documentary follows Markus for a year.

For All the World to See

Violence against women is a violation of human rights, but it happens everywhere. We meet women in Benin, Bangladesh, DRC and Germany who have been victims of horrific violence, yet fought their way free.

Literature at the Movies - Our Magnificent Seven!

Bad books sometimes make good movies but great literature is often a guarantee of fantastic films. The staff at DW Kino dusted off our bookshelf to pick our personal favorite film adaptions of German novels. We've got a pair of Nobel Prize winners on our list, and some modern-day classics but also a few hidden gems.

The Tattooed Lady

Whang Od is 93 and her body is adorned with snakes and millipedes. She is the last practitioner of a very special art form: her whole life spent tattooing warriors and headhunters in the mountains of the Philippines. These days young people from all around the world make pilgrimages to the remote village of Buscalan to meet her.

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