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For over 60 years, DW has built a tradition of success around the world with quality programming and reliable journalism. Our distributional philosophy is "think globally, act locally" – and this means that everything we produce, whether it is a regional segment on Asian business or educational radio for Africa, provides local audiences with valuable global insights.

To implement this strategy we rely on a global network of over 4000 partners that carry and rebroadcast our quality content. DW produces an exceptional variety of television programming broadcast around the world on five channels via satellite and a network of selected partners. DW's radio programming is broadcast on shortwave, satellite and with regional partners. DW also produces editorial content in 30 languages available online and on the DW app. All of our content and programming consistently provides our target audience of opinion leaders and decision makers with unbiased, reliable news and information.

DW partners are presented with world of possibilities ­for cooperation – from developing and adapting new formats to organizing joint events and promotional activities. If you would like more information about our programming, or want to include DW in your lineup, please don’t hesitate to contact a distribution representative for your region. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


The ICTA (Indonesia Cable TV Association) and DW have agreed to a contract that allows 150 cable companies across Indonesia to broadcast DW. Together, ICTA partners broadcast to around 2 million subscribers. In May, 75 ICTA channels had already begun broadcasting DW.


DW and DW (Deutsch) will be available in libraries, universities and schools in New Zealand via eTV, a non-profit IPTV provider.


Butt Cable TV network in Rawalpindi, Pakistan is a new DW partner offering DW to 6,500 customers.

Latin America

Animal Político, a popular news website in Mexico, has recently started including Spanish-language articles and video content from DW. With broad coverage of important news and events, Animal Político promotes well-informed decision making from active citizens in Mexico. The website is a strong partner for DW, with news and information that promotes transparency and helps fight corruption and over 7 million monthly visits.


Telefuturo, a Pay-TV provider in Paraguay is showing a series of Spanish-language magazines from DW (Español). En forma, Enlaces, Europa en concierto, Patrimonio mundial and Visión futuro will be available to around 260,000 households around the country.




Madsack, a leading German media group is now including DW videos, articles and picture galleries as a integral part of its online content portfolio. Madsack currently owns regional German newspapers with a combined monthly readership of 2.5 million and 4.6 million online users.

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