Free Basics | Mobile | DW | 22.06.2017


Free Basics

Free Basics by Facebook is an app and mobile website that provides access to free basic internet services in markets where internet access may be less affordable.

Free Basics

Free Basics allows people to browse selected health, education, employment, finance, and news websites — and much more — without data charges.

Free Basics by Facebook is part of’s objectives are at the core of Facebook’s mission: By giving more people access to the internet, the world becomes more open and connected.

You can find DW's content as follows:

1. Insert a SIM card by yourlocal participating operator.

2. Turn on mobile data in your phone's settings. Free Basics is free, so it won't deduct from your balance.

3. Go to the internet on your phone.

4. Type, if you have an Android, you can also download the Free Basics by Facebook app from the Google Play store.

5. Accept the terms. Now you can use free websites on Free Basics.

6. Click on the section "News & Weather".

7. Select "DW News" from the list.

8. You can now browse the DW website for free.

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