German proverbs as visualized by US students | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 26.06.2017


German proverbs as visualized by US students

High school students in Chicago learning German were so inspired by DW's series of illustrated proverbs that they drew their own. Their take on the wise sayings is creative, colorful - and bound to get you thinking.

Each week, DW has been publishing an original illustration by Antje Herzog of classic German proverbs.

In response to the collection, the 11th grade German class at the Chicago Waldorf School drew up their own original illustrations of German proverbs and sayings - borrowing a few from the DW series and adding several of their own.

"The challenge was to connect the literal with the symbolic and make both the superficial content and its deeper meaning visible," German teacher Theresa Hermanns told DW.

The German instructor added that this was a way for her students not only to internalize the German sayings, but also to gain a new perspective on their native language, English. "The students were able to develop understanding, joy and appreciation for the particular imagery and richness of both languages."

In the gallery above, the students, aged 16 and 17, present their original illustrations along with a brief explanation of their visual approach to these famous German proverbs and sayings.

Their own grasp of wisdom, it seems, goes well beyond their years. 

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For DW's series of German proverbs in original illustrations, click through the gallery below. 

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