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The media as an engine for development

DW Akademie's mandate to promote media development is more important than ever, but the challenges have become increasingly complex. These days, information can reach every corner of the world which is why media development has taken center stage in development policy. DW Akademie is meeting these challenges with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach. We work on political frameworks in consultation with government authorities and NGOs, for example, and advise journalists and the media on developing new business models to assure their financial independence.

We also help press councils, professional associations and media organizations clearly represent, and safeguard, their interests when talking to political decision-makers. Today, DW Akademie works in 50 countries around the world, with sustainably designed programs and clearly defined aims. Our goal is to help develop free, diverse and independent media landscapes. To achieve this, we rely on strong partnerships with a variety of stakeholders. And we are well aware that a long-term investment is necessary if we want our work to produce measurable - and sustainable - results.

Natascha Schwanke
Head of Media Development

T: +49.228-429-2882
F: +49.228-429-2880
E: natascha.schwanke@dw.com

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