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Discover truth yourself!

Tamar Kintsurashvili is the executive director of the Media Development Foundation (MDF) in Georgia. She is an associate professor on media ethics and propaganda research methods. She runs the youth project Myth Detector Lab for Media Literacy which debunks fake news and at enhances young people’s critical thinking and capacity to establish the reliability of news sources and content.

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Digital inclusion of underrepresented and marginalized communities!

Eddie Ávila, director of Rising Voices, BoliviaRising Voices promotes the digital inclusion of under-represented and marginalized communities around the world. In Latin America, Rising Voices facilitates opportunities to access data analysis tools as a way to better understand media representation through its Reframed Stories project.

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Empower migrants and refugees to speak up!

Ena Omerovic cofounded the Media Literacy through Media Making (MMM) project at Utrecht University, Netherlands. She developed a curriculum for young people with a migrant background who have fled their countries and have recently arrived in the Netherlands. The project combines media-making with learning Dutch and provides migrant youth with media literacy skills and the Dutch language.

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Make the most out of the digital age!

Alexandre Amaral is a young blogger and journalism student from São Paulo. He is involved in communicating journalism and audiovisual projects aimed at empowering citizens by imparting critical thinking and media literacy competencies (MIL). He sees the digital age as a huge opportunity. Utilizing MIL skills helps to create meaningful content that can change lives for the better.

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Empower media literacy at schools!

Naglaa Elemary is lecturer at the British University in Egypt and the Jordan Media Institute in Amman. She is a media trainer and consultant across the Middle East and North Africa. She has an extensive knowledge of media reform in many Arab countries, where she works closely with local institutions. She is the lead expert for media literacy projects for schools and universities in Jordan.

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Media literacy strengthens community voices!

Prossy Kawala is director at the Centre for Media Literacy and Community Development (CEMCOD) in Uganda. Her work involves media literacy training for children, youth and women, and the promotion of the use of democracy and civic engagement among local government officials. Her speciality is designing training packages that help communities influence their own development through media.

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Finding innovative ways to spread Media and Information literacy!

Roslyn Kratochvil Moore is a project manager at DW Akademie and specializes in Media and Information literacy (MIL). She comes from an international development and humanitarian aid background focusing on education and refugees. She has implemented projects across East Africa and South Asia and is committed to finding innovative ways for sharing best practice and peer-to-peer learning

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Developing resistance to disinformation!

Ruurd Oosterwoud is the founder of DROG, a dutch organization, which develops educational materials that serve as a “vaccine” against fake news and disinformation. The organization developed the serious game 'Bad News', in which players are challenged to develop and spread fake news. By letting the participants experience how fake news works, DROG increases resistance to it.

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We need independent and impartial media!

Nadine Gogu is the director of the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) in Chisinau, Moldova. Her mission is to promote independent and impartial media at a national level. She has spearheaded the development of laws relating to Freedom of Expression and access to information. She is at the forefront of developing MIL education in Moldova.

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Promote access to the wealth of media!

Joost van de Port is Head of Media at the College of the Arts Windhoek, Namibia. He connects the creative potential of youth with growing employment opportunities in the media industry, in a country with over 48% youth unemployment. In 2015, he initiated MiLLi*, a multiplier network for media literacy, to ensure youth develop skills to make, use and produce media and identify negative impact.

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Media literacy is a tool for sustainable peace!

Hania Bitar is the director of PYALARA (Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation), which she founded in 1999. Later she co-founded the International Women’s Commission for a Just and Sustainable Palestinian-Israeli Peace. She serves as a member of the board of trustees of the Arab American University of Jenin and is a board member of a number of local Palestinian NGOs.

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Media literacy is a necessary skill for everyone!

Vibol Mam designs and coordinates projects at the Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM). They promote democratic governance, human rights, gender equality and empowerment of women and youth through increasing access to independent media. The goal is to strengthen and expand freedom of expression, access to information and an independent media landscape in Cambodia.

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Empower citizens through media literacy!

Osama Manzar is the founder and director of the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), India. He is on a the mission to eradicate information poverty using digital tools. He supports activity-based, peer-to-peer, hands-on training and workshops for first generation technology users in rural and tribal communities.. He is a social entrepreneur, author, impact speaker, angel investor and mentor.

Media and Information Literacy (MIL)

The Cambodian approach

The Moldovan view

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We need independent and impartial media!

The Ugandan way

The Georgian access

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Discover truth youself!


Media and Information Literacy Expert Network

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a global network of experts, empowers people & communities to make informed choises, promotes critical thinking, advocates MIL at policy level, provides practical solutions, critical thinking enables citizens to hold media to account, creating critical media content, empowers citizens, giving everybody equal communities to make their voices heard, an accountable and transparent network working on promoting freedom of expression and access to information for all.



The Indian perspective

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Imagine every household in India is digitally literate!

The Brazilian way

The Latin American approach

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Digital inclusion of marginalized communities! Eddie Ávila:

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