What can I do if I have picture or sound issues with the live stream or videos?

Deutsche Welle offers all of its live and on-demand video content at various quality levels (224, 360, 400 pixels).

If a video is not playing smoothly, try reducing the quality of the video. 
This issue may also be caused by some settings on your PC. For this reason, check the following settings on your device:

• Is the latest version of Flash Player or Windows Media Player installed on your PC?

• If you use multiple monitors, is the pop-up with the player appearing on one of the other screens?

• Do you have a pop-up blocker installed that may prevent the player from opening?

• Is the bandwidth of your Internet connection sufficient? For fluid playback of videos and live streams on the DW Web site, a bandwidth of at least 1 MB/s is recommended. Please contact your Internet service provider for such issues.

• If you are accessing DW via a mobile phone, please check your network coverage.

If you have further questions, please contact us: